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At Jyotish Bhavishya, we have taken extraordinary measures to mix the amazing information on antiquated Astrology with the furthest down the line innovation to help, get ready and guide you for the forthcoming incredible and not so glad occasions in your day to day existence. Here is, how creating free kundli online can help you.

Find solutions to all your troubles in life that depend on your date of birth, place, and time.

Learn to recognize your favorable and unfavorable times in the year based on your Kundali.

Understand Understand how different planetary conditions affect you.

Get a numerology report based on your name and birth date.

Identify your Progress in life, Destiny, Name, and Lucky and Unlucky Numbers.

Get solutions for your problems that dependent on your Kundli examination

Find different doshas framing in your Kundli and their medicinal measures

See how to adjust your life during the dosha period and its belongings

Get Mantra to recite during dosha's period according to your Kundli and horoscope dosha

What is Kundli and does it work?

We must first start off by understanding Kundli. And do things truly happen that are written in Kundli? Well, Kundli is a manually produced horoscope dependent on your sun-signs/zodiac-signs. The Astrology Kundli features the unbelievable realities about the day-to-day horoscope readings, astrological predictions, future forecast, matchmaking, and numerous other related snippets about our lives. In Hinduism, matching of the Astrology Kundli is a fundamental procedure before marriage to getting hitched up with somebody, as it is considered auspicious and favorable to check Kundli for matchmaking. Based on people's date/time/place of birth, Kundli-matching is actualized, and subsequently, based on its readings, the family concludes whether the wedding should take place later on or not.

In Horoscope, Astrology Kundli' is inherently important as it is a factual and bona fide birth-chart dependent on the research and assessment of the cosmic bodies and the planets known to man.

Astrology Kundli is likewise valuable in finding every day horoscopes and predictions of a career path, love-life, overall well-being, and qualities of an individual. And also helps us understand how our life would play out with a certain person (matchmaking), job issues, old age sicknesses and health cures, education-related questions, and a lot more through a learned Astrologer (Jyotish).

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How Does Kundli Work?

A Janam Kundli Chart is divided into 12 houses having various signs and planets. The first house on this chart is ascendant, and the other houses are numbered counterclockwise. These houses disclose various astrological aspects and positions of an individual’s life. Each house in the Kundli Making process deals with different aspects of life, such as career, relationships, money, and so on. Besides this, the planets keep going in different directions in a day, month, and year depending on the situation of the planet. These planets show various events and potential results in an individual’s life. By reading the Janam Kundli, an Astrologer can anticipate the destiny of a person depending on the planetary view.

What are the stages for Kundli Analysis?

On a broad level, the Kundli analysis is divided into four levels. Analyzing, Synthesizing, Forecasting, and Corrective Measures are the four phases.


Breaking down the Kundli diagram or chakra by learning rudiments of Vedic Astrology Horoscope interpretation.


Incorporating the different implications or opposing translations utilizing divisional outlines, Kundli Dasha, and other horoscope analysis procedures to reach a self predictable entirety.


Estimating character, occasions, and conduct over the long haul dependent on over two Kundli examination strategies.


Corrective measures are used to change the design of a Kundli with a certain dosha or malefic planets, and hence to improve the quality of a person's life.

At first, don't be overwhelmed by a great deal of Kundli examination methods yet rather attempt to absorb different antiquated and current lessons to show up at predictable Kundlithatthat readings. Jyotish Bhavishya offers the best readings and analysis of your Kundli by the expert Astrologers in the country. Our website lists several renowned astrologers who are always present at your service.

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