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In Vedic astrology, gemstones have a peculiar meaning. Gemstones have been used to solve issues caused by planets for millennia. Only kings and people of high status used to wear gemstones recommended by astrologers and benefit from them, but now everyone can wear and benefit from them. Wearing gemstones for planetary relief is becoming more common by the day. The wearers of this gem, achieve benefits in all aspects of life, including business, schooling, and disease, gems are extremely significant in Vedic astrology. All these days, everybody from Bollywood stars to business moguls is taking advantage of gemstones.

Only natural gemstones, in our opinion, can have the rewards, and according to Vedic astrology, our 9 planets are represented by the 9 special gemstones

  • Ruby represents the sun,
  • The pearl represents the moon,
  • Coral represents Mars,
  • Emerald represents Mercury,
  • Yellow sapphire represents Jupiter,
  • The Venus is represented by a diamond,
  • Saturn is represented by the blue sapphire,
  • Rahu is represented by a hessonite,
  • And Ketu is represented by the cat’s eye.

It is necessary to understand that the gemstone you wish to wear can have positive or negative consequences according to your horoscope. If there is a case of resistance, it will do more harm than good. So, if you intend to wear a gemstone, talk with an accomplished astrologer first.

Manikya – Ruby – Sun

Ruby is the most expensive Gemstone worn for the Sun, emitting red cosmic rays and infrared radiation, which keeps and gives the subject active, wise, bestows high honor and social respect, and frees the subject from sight issues and eye defects/ailments. Headaches, bones, fevers, indigestion, and colic are few organs controlled by this gemstone. In short, the wearer would be blessed with good health, status, and reputation, particularly if he or she is free of severe abnormalities or disease. Ruby Gemstone is beneficial to gem therapists, sculptors, photographers, builders, architects, legal professionals, and high court judges.

Moti – Pearl - Moon

Pearls are a gleaming gemstone useful in a variety of ways. High quality and extremely beneficial Pearls can be obtained from Basrah and the Gulf countries, as well as the Mediterranean region, that are particularly useful in reducing tensions, stomach pains, and marital disputes. If this Gemstone is worn around the neck by women, it will help them maintain their chastity. This Gemstone has a severe effect on the heart, blood, and mind. It boosts the wearer's self-esteem and improves his or her mental abilities, as well as encourages and creates a pleasant working environment for him or her.

Moonga - Coral – Mars

Coral is a rare gemstone that has a deep red hue and some lighter colors. Coral Gemstone grows abundantly in the sea's crevices, via the absorption of red radiation from the visible light spectrum. An opaque Gemstone is best useful for females or males for radiation of strong emotions. High fevers, chickenpox, jaundice, cyst, impotency, and blood ailments can all be warded off with the use of this gold gemstone. Particularly impure blood. Anemia, skin disease, weakness, lethargy, body pain, asthma, inflammations, cough and cold, bronchitis, and pneumonia are just a handful of the ailments it can assist with.

Emerald – Panna – Mercury

Emerald is a rare green gemstone with a high value. Panna Gemstone is another name for it. It is worn for Mercury which helps the wearer to withstand cold green radiation, allowing him full control of his immune and digestive organs, kidneys, tissues, lungs, vocal cord, tongue, and nervous system. Emerald is a gemstone that is particularly beneficial to businessmen, artists, printers, publishers, and scientific instrument dealers. This Gemstone is also beneficial for any ailment affecting these roles, such as memory loss, stammering, the harshness of speech, students with low IQ, and women in labor who are afraid of complications.

Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj – Jupiter

Yellow Sapphire is a stone with a bright yellow color, as its name suggests. It's an elegant stone that symbolizes the wearer's virtue, humility, and honesty. It is prayed for to bring wealth and comfort to the economy, and it is particularly helpful to those in industry or trade. Yellow Sapphire is particularly useful to those who wish to start a family or who are interested in nobler aspects of life, such as the mystic, charity, non-secular inspiration, yoga therapy, and mystical preaching.

Diamond – Heera – Venus

The diamond stone is beneficial for overall financial stability and satisfaction. The wearer of this stone is known for his analytical, calculative, and upright approach to life's problems. In his profession and relationships, he would also show experience and wisdom, and people would have faith in him. However, the user should be mindful of their ego problems and refrain from being excessively critical of others, including significant others.

Blue Sapphire – Neelam – Saturn

It improves the body's healing abilities, relieves the senses, and soothes with equanimity and calmness. It aids in the removal of unknown fears, complications, and negativity in a variety of situations. Wear blue sapphire because it has a powerful and beneficial effect on personal wealth.

Hessonite – Gomed – Rahu

The hue of Hessonite – Gomed stone is similar to that of a brick. It's a stone that's been used to ward off the negative presence of Hindu gods. It can be useful for illnesses such as wind and acidity. It aids the user's professional growth, financial well-being, and satisfaction, as well as deterring enemies from spawning plots against the user. This stone assists the consumer in winning court trials. It is a recommended stone for those who work in the legal sector, such as lawyers, legal professionals, and judges. It should be worn by anyone interested in spiritual growth, particularly during the Rahu Dasha.

Cat’s Eye – Lehsunia – Ketu

This stone resembles the color of the neem tree fruit, with a silver streak. This Gem is also available in many shades, including black, black and white, purple, pale blue, and light red. The Cat's Eye stone removes impediments and protects from the evil consequences of witchery. It might be beneficial if politicians seeking higher offices of influence wore it. It is highly recommended for those who do not have Ketu well-placed in their natal charts. As a result of the native's quality, Ketu's negative consequences include losing one's name and extending jealousies and rivalries. The proper application of this stone will greatly simplify matters and protect them from scandals, defeat, or embarrassment.

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