Kundali Matching: Online Horoscope Matching for Marriage

Marriage Kundali Matching

The Vedic astrology version of horoscope matching for marriage is Kundali matching or Kundali Milan. In Hindu cultures, particularly in India, where arranged marriages are a norm, kundali matching by name is the most important factor taken into account when moving ahead with a marriage proposal. Prospective bride and groom's matching kundalis will reveal how the stars affect their marriage and what steps they can take to ensure everlasting marital bliss. The findings are based on the Ashta Kuta method, which uses a 36-point system to calculate compatibility.

What Is Kundali Matching and How Does It Work?

Kundali Milan By Name and Date of Birth is a Hindu rite held before the solemnization of a marriage. It is the method of matching the bride and groom's horoscopes (birth-charts) to see if their stars are aligned for a fruitful and happy marriage. JanamKundli Milan, Patrimilan, or Gun Milan Kundli match for marriage is based on there are a number of variables that go into deciding the Kundali matching online score, also known as Gunas.

Kundali matching by date of birth and name is the most precise and reliable way of matching horoscopes and determining boy-girl compatibility. It can be used to forecast the ShubhMuhurat for the wedding ceremony, ensuring a long and happy marriage.

Kundali Matching
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The Kundali matching report is based on three main considerations

Guna Milan Factor

Guna Milan Factor

Manglik's presence

Manglik's presence

Navamsa Dosha

NavamsaDosha Strength of the Chart

The significance of online Kundli Matching or Gun Milan

Planets and celestial bodies have a major impact on everyone's lives. As a matter of fact, it is important to ensure that the heavenly bodies balance each other when two persons wed, resulting in marital unity, pleasure, and harmony.

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What Is Guna Milan In Kundali Matching?

The eight Gunas or Ashtakoota are determined based on the bride and groom's birth date. The compatibility of these eight Gunas determines whether or not a marriage can succeed. These are the Gunas:

  • Varna - The first guna contrasts the bride's and groom's Varna, or caste. The groom's Varna should be greater than or equal to the bride's Varna. This feature also sheds light on the two's emotional compatibility.
  • Vashya - This Guna decides who will be the more dominating and commanding of the two.
  • Tara - The wellbeing quotient of a relationship is determined by comparing the birth stars or Tara of the bride and groom.
  • GrahaMaitri - The GrahaMaitriGuna can be used to determine the analytical and emotional compatibility of a prospective couple.
  • Gana - This Guna assists in assessing the compatibility of the two's traits, habits, actions, and methods.
  • Bhakoot - BhakootGuna predicts financial success and family happiness after marriage. This Guna will help decide the bride and groom's post-marriage career paths.
  • Nadi - This is the final Guna with the most points, making it the most valuable. It addresses the general well-being of the family after marriage. This Guna also decides on matters of childbirth and progeny. The presence of NadiDosha may affect marriage prospects.

In a horoscope match, how many gunas can match?

The minimum best Kundali matching score for a happy, successful, and blissful marriage should be between 18 and 24. If the score is less than 18, marriage is not advised. If your score is higher than 24, you're on your way to a happy and trouble-free marriage. The Guna Milan score aids in determining the likelihood of a happy marriage.

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