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The Origins of Numerology

Despite the fact that the word "numerology" was not invented until 1907, numerological ideas have been around for a long time. Some of the earliest records of numerology can be found in Egypt and Babylon, as well as China, Rome, Japan, and Greece. Pythagoras, a Greek scholar, is credited with being the founder of numerology.

Pythagoras was regarded as a great philosopher and mathematician of his day. About the fact that nothing is known about Pythagoras' life, his fascination with numbers is well reported, leading him to spend twenty-two years in Egypt researching Chaldean numerology. Pythagoras believed that the world was founded on numbers and that everything and anything could be numerically represented, normally in single digits. The Pythagorean Number System, which is used in modern numerology, is based on the principle of assigning numerical values to letters.

The religious importance of numbers can also be seen: The beast is represented by 666, Jesus is represented by 888, and the Holy Trinity is represented by 366. Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that lasts eight nights. - each card in the Tarot deck is assigned a number, which corresponds to a specific value. In Chinese culture, the number four is associated with bad luck.

We continue to use numerology to attempt to decipher the world's hidden meanings are, and some still use it to exchange stocks. Many people, though, use numerology in the same manner they use astrology for self-discovery and prediction.


What is the Portrait of Numerology?

A numerology portrait is your personalized roadmap to life, equivalent to an astrological natal map. It shows your abilities, limitations, and potential as an individual. Consider it a mystic cheat sheet. Unlike a natal map, which uses your exact birth time, location, and day to approximate your portrait, numerology is a little more straightforward. A numerology portrait, also known as a numerology map, is made up of just six numbers: three derived from your actual date of birth (your birth number, life course number, and mood number), and three derived from your name's letters (your soul's desire, personality number, and force number).

While each of these numbers and places has its significance, your life path number would be the most significant in your image. Add all of the numbers from your birthday, including the day, month, and year of birth, to a single digit to find your life path number. This number is significant since it denotes the direction you must follow to achieve life fulfillment. It's similar to the astrological sun sign in that it represents who you are at your heart and who you would become if you live up to your full potential.

In your numerology portrait or map, there are six noticeable numbers. They belong to you


Inner Wishes of the Mind,


What makes the soul Satisfied


Your appearance is made up of the facets of your personality that you present to others.


Power number the character’s attributes.


The way people see you, at first sight, is decided by your birth number.


Your life path number is the essence of who you are and the path you would pursue in life.


Attitude number is the attitude towards life.

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